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  • Phone +91 79 25450556
  • info@scrpl.in

About Us

Sukhpur PFT is a state of the art multimodal logistics platform with integrated infrastructure facilities like inland Container Depot and Warehouse. The PFT is equipped to handle all types of cargo and containers. It is constructed on a sprawl of more than 150000 sq. meters at a strategic location. Total area occupied by the PFT is more than 35 acres. SCRPL provides hassle free, safe fast, cost effective and end to end logistics solutions with value added services to domestic customers through this facility.

The rail terminal can hold more than 5000 containers at any given time. The private container train operators can run almost three trains every day. Warehousing facilities can also be provided based on requirement of customers.

Ceramic Industry in Morbi, which produces 5 million tone ceramic products in a year and fulfils around 70% of India’s demand, will get a huge boost due to this facility. SCRPL is committed to cater to logistics needs of salt, soda, tiles and other mix commodities.



  • Backed by trust of SCRPL and over 3 decades of experience of two logistics industry veterans
  • Provides safe, fast and reliable multimodal logistics solutions
  • Provides value added services like cargo handling, consolidation, packaging etc.
  • Can help industries save more than 10% in transportation cost through containers
  • Can run 3 rakes of container/railway wagons everyday
  • Services to all key gateway ports on rakes of container train operators
  • Round the clock operations, 365 days a year
  • Offering the most cost effective, safest and fastest mode of transport for carrying cargo over long distances


  • Modern rail terminal spread over 150000 sq meters at a strategic location.
  • Facilities like concrete block paved area of 15000 sq. meters along the rail handling area.
  • Complete safety and security of cargo through CCTV surveillance accompanied by security personnel.
  • Railway staff available round the clock with TMS facility
  • Equipped with modern machinery like Reach Stacker/Forklift for handling containers
  • Warehousing facility available on demand
  • Capacity to hold more than 5000 containers
  • Equipped to handle all types of cargo
  • 24 hour water supply
  • Office space & internet connectivity
  • Local transportation facility available
  • High mast tower lighting facility
  • Railway weighbridge and road weighbridge facility
  • Labour available in abundance